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Development plans for PLD 3.0 (Th)

Overview of changes planned to PLD Th.

Software updates

Software Progress Comments
texlive 2012, 2014? ?? work in progress
ImageMagick Q8 for non-desktop (PHP) ?? ??

System wide changes

  • full systemd support (provide systemd units, but still support SysV scripts - at least until vserver will be able to run systemd)

Completed targets

Project Released_In_Th Notes
BerkeleyDB 5.3 2012-09-22 In Th on 22nd September 2012 along with rpm5, but rpm uses BDB 5.2
rpm 5.4.x 2012-09-22 In Th on 22nd September 2012
apache 2.4.x 2013-06-07 In Th on 7th June 2013
perl 5.18.x 2013-06-30 Available with all dependant packages in Th since 30th June 2013
kernel grsecurity support has been dropped, linux-3.4.x is now “longterm”
Samba 4 2014-01-31 Updated to 4.x, new packages in Th on January 31st 2014
Java cleanup java-sun is full of security holes and unmaintained, java-oracle looks to be non-redistributable, they're both been moved to th-obsolete. Icedtea is now default java environment.
initrd subpackages removal Done, the only one initrd package left is busybox-initrd for geninitrd,
256 colors terminals 2014-03-03 setup with shrc.d script to set 256 colors in capable terminals in Th on March 3 2014
PHP 5.5 as main php, php52, php53 for compatibility 2014-06-12 PHP 5.5 coming to Th. Done: 12th June 2014: New PHP packages in PLD Th
ruby 2.0 2014-09-24 ruby 2.0 is faster than 1.9.3, and minimally different to 1.9 (compared 1.9 to 1.8). done
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