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XULRunner upgrade procedure

PLD Ac and Th are using custom builds of XULRunner to provide libraries for all applications using Gecko engine (except Iceweasel, Icedove and Iceape). Since Firefox 3.0 was released XULRunner may (and even should) be built from Firefox sources. Be sure to include CVE notes when updating this and other Mozilla packages. You may obtain them from

Following specs must be rebuild after XULRunner upgrade on all PLD distros:

  • galeon.spec
  • epiphany.spec
  • epiphany-extensions.spec
  • kazehakase.spec
  • yelp.spec

Additionaly for PLD 2.0 (Ac):

  • blam.spec
  • liferea.spec

PLD 3.0 (Th):

  • gnome-web-photo.spec
  • python-gnome-extras.spec
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