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Patryk Zawadzki

Current and past projects


Porting RedHat Anaconda to PLD Linux. My goal is to build a graphical installation CD for PLD workstations.

Anaconda spec is currently in our CVS repository.

Installer building environment can be found in the anaconda module of our SVN server.

PLD Linux Website

I am actively maintaining this website, its HTML/CSS templates and its content in both English and Polish.

Past projects

LinuxUpdate (abandoned)

More info on LinuxUpdate.


rollback is a script that allows you to easily backup an installed RPM along with all its contents and configuration files, modified or not. Quite handy when you are about to upgrade a critical part of your system. Just build yourself a backup rollback RPM and unroll the changes whenever you need.

rollback is currently available in the SPECS module of our CVS repository.


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