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fedmsg (Fedora-Messaging) is a Python package and API used around Fedora Infrastructure to send and receive messages to and from applications.


Quick setup from here:

  1. install yourself fedmsg-relay package
  2. add to endpoint:
            "__main__.HOSTNAME": [

    the HOSTNAME is your local host name, see hostname(1)

  3. start fedmsg-relay service.
  4. tail the relay messages: fedmsg-tail --really-pretty &
  5. issue a message: echo "Hello, world" | fedmsg-logger


To have endpoint where to listen all messages, need fedmsg-gateway daemon.

Install fedmsg-gateway package, no configuration needed.

Now you can define in your to listen for pld messages:
        "pld-relay": [

Incoming requests

To configure accepting incoming messages on tcp/2003, install fedmsg-relay package and configure

Outgoing requests

To configure sending local fedmsg-logger events to central hub, install fedmsg-relay package and configure

No need to start relay daemon.


anitya is a cross-distribution upstream release monitoring project, under address.

To monitor their events via fedmsg:

  • install fedmsg package:
    $ poldek -u fedmsg
  • configure anitya bus:
    # anitya endpoint definition:
    config = dict(
        # This is a dict of possible addresses from which fedmsg can send
        # messages.  fedmsg.init(...) requires that a 'name' argument be passed
        # to it which corresponds with one of the keys in this dict.
            "anitya-public-relay": [
  • tail the changes!
    $ fedmsg-tail --really-pretty
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