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GitLab Migration

GitLab the software, is a web-based Git repository manager with wiki and issue tracking features.

Benefit for PLD Linux

  • Better web interface than gitweb/cgi
  • Managing Users and SSH keys from GitLab
  • Per package tickets
  • Better Collaboration from non PLD-developers
  • GitLab-CI could be used to replace current builders intfrastructure
  • Place to store non-packages repositories (rc-scripts, geninitrd, …)

Unsorted TODO list

  • gitolite commands
    1. add package
    2. rename package
    3. readonly package
    4. trash package
  • create users (import done)
  • import user ssh keys (import done)
  • custom hooks
  • commit local gitolite changes to git repo (those are spilled over rpm package, git repo, unversioned files)
  • hook into gitolite hooks to update also gitlab
  • how to handle ACL? (push -f, builders access)
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