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PLD system can be run in several runlevels:

Runlevel 1 Single user mode. Used by administrator for rescue/emergency/system maintenance reasons.
Runlevel 2 Multiuser level, but without Network File System
Runlevel 3 Normal multiuser level. This is most commonly used runlevel.
Runlevel 5 Normal multiuser level with X Window environment started by default. This is popular choice for workstations.
Single Single user mode - used in emergency situations. It runs less services than runlevel 1.

System boots up in default runlevel that is defined in /etc/inittab which is usually 3 or 5. Current runlevel can be changed with telinit command. For example, if system is running level 3, issuing telinit 2 brings it to level 2 (as a consequence, NFS subsystems will be stopped).


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