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 Release Manager is who decides what goes what's not.  Release Manager is who decides what goes what's not. 
-Current Ac Release Manager is [[:hawk|Hawk]]. +Current Ac Release Manager is [[people:glen|Elan Ruusamäe]]. 
-===== PLD 2.0 RC1 ===== +===== Current status ​===== 
-On March 23rd PLD Linux Distribution team has announced release of PLD Linux 2.0 RC1 isos. [[​2.0/​|Ftp]] resources contain 11 CDs for each architecture (i386, i586, i686athlonamd64 and ppc), miniiso (for i386, i586, i686 and athlon), ​DVD (for i686, amd64ppc) and 14 CDs or DVDs of source rpm packages+On April 1st 2007 PLD/Linux 2.0 has been marked as stableCD and DVD images are available on our [[|FTP]] for download. MINI CDs are available ​for i386, i586, i686 and athlon ​(for amd64 and ppc use RescueCD instead). Full CD images are available ​for i386 (11 CDs), i586 (13 CDs), i686 (13 CDs), athlon ​(12 CDs), amd64 (10 CDs) and ppc (11 CDs). DVD images are available ​for i686, amd64 and ppc (2 DVDs for each architecture). There are also 14 CD and DVD images with SRPMS. For installations with pre-defined package sets only first CD is required
-Known bugs+PLD 2.0 (Ac) stable release features
-  * PPC isos are not bootable (will be fixed in next release) ​ +  * kernel ​ 
-  * installation from i686 DVD iso fails on some systems (installer still have some serious problems, most of them should be fixed in RC2)  +  * kernel with built-in virtualization support (Linux VServer)  
-  * SMP version of 2.6 kernel hangs on non Intel main boards ​(newcompletly reworked kernel packages are almost ready+  * glibc 2.3.6  
 +  * gcc 3.3.6  
 +  * KDE 3.5.6  
 +  * Gnome 2.14  
 +  * XFCE 4.4.0  
 +  * Open''''​ 2.1.0 (available on i386i586, i686, athlon, ppc and sparc architectures 
 +  * MySQL 5.0.37  
 +  * PostgreSQL 8.2.3  
 +  * Perl 5.8.8  
 +  * Python 2.4.4  
 +Newer versions of some programs are available in updates. ​
-===== Roadmap ===== 
-Due to many changes/​problems/​delays there will be no more RCs. Next version will be stable version. It didn't make it before October because Someone(TM) was updating only x86/​amd64/​ppc part of kernel.spec ignoring sparc and alpha. Now kernel packages are ready and only following things are blocking Ac release: ​ 
 +===== Public GPG key =====
 +Below is public GPG key used for signing all PLD 2.0 (Ac) packages. It is also available on our [[ftp://​​dists/​2.0/​PLD-2.0-Ac-GPG-key.asc|FTP]]. After storing somewhere in your filesystem, you have to import it to RPM keyring: ​
-  * installer doesn'​t fit on floppies anymore (I'm working on solutionNo, using bz2, lzma, etc. would not help here, root fs is simply too big)  +<​file>#​ rpm --import PLD-2.0-Ac-GPG-key.asc 
-  * there are still broken dependencies in main tree, these must be fixed for all architectures  +</​file>​
-  * TODO list for [[:​AcInfo:​BuilderTODO|AC-builders]]  +
-I really wanted to generate ISOs before end of 2006, but that would mean Ac being outdated on its release date (and I don't want that to happen). If solving all of the problems listed above will go smoothly, then Ac ISOs should hit FTP on January, but since everything may happen I can't guarantee that date. However, February is **a must**+
-Update: due to repeating problems with amd64 builder Ac will be delayed again. Sorry folks and yes, I know that Ac looks more like NEST.  
 +<​file>​-----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----
 +Version: GnuPG v1.4.6 (GNU/Linux)
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